1. #AlbertHadley ❤

  2. Why should lamp shades just be lampshades? Why not something more?

  3. TGIF! Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend!

  4. Thrilled to see my home featured on @Houzz ! Love this comment from a Houzz reader “The entire house feels like one large piece of art”. http://www.rajirm.com/blog/2014/8/12/online-press-thank-you-houzz

  5. One of the most beautiful museums in the country @noguchimuseum is also one that has had a profound effect on me especially during my early days as a designer.

  6. Good morning! In the dewy morning light having a good conversation! #nofilter

  7. In my office…have had this #painting by #TomHayward for nearly 15 years. I an still not sure what exactly it is! The sun seen at the end of a long road? A greasy omelette?

  8. A framed view as I walk in through my back door and catch a glimpse…#homesweethome

  9. Thanks to the @hellosukio for the lovely post on Raji’s home! // link in profile

  10. Morning light in my #livingroom with tea and quiet before heading out for a long day! #TGIF